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Meeting time

Dear Dave:

I kind of like writing letters so to stir up this blogging business you're getting a letter.

Don't respond. You're too busy working on book three! Time is precious.

First, it was good to see you today on the bridge at noon walking Bamboo. I was heading home from work and my brain was in the story we're working on. It turns out yours was as well so we stopped and discussed it. Pretty good timing I'd say.

I felt like that moment deserved a blog post.

This meet up on the bridge got me thinking about our last face to face meeting up at Tobin Lake.

Let me say thanks to you and your lovely wife (my sister) Kate for the hospitality at the cabin at Tobin Lake (which is also the probable location of Shepherd's Watch).

My friends and I had a great time sitting around the fire, building smores, enjoying summer beverages and telling stories.

When you asked if we could go for a quick walk and hash out part of book three I was more than happy to. It didn't take very long to discuss the action we needed to and I enjoyed the fire a whole lot more knowing that we'd taken one more step closer to the end of this book.

All this to say that we're pretty lucky that we have all these opportunities to work on our books.

Take care. Stay cool because it's hot out.



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