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It's show time!

Sheldon Williams put on its epic theatre production. This year they performed Bring It On.

It was a fun, energetic play with great vocals and impressive choreography.

I sat at the back of the auditorium and watched. When the students were taking their final bow I quietly slipped away. I had this feeling of nostalgia.

As my body journeyed down the empty hall to the outside and across the street to my car my brain took a different walk back to the time where I was the director of many, many teenagers in school drama productions.

Flashback - way back....

...to my first job interview with Regina Public Schools. I was an art major and an English minor.

Interviewer: Angie, can you teach Drama?
Me: Yes. Yes, I can.

I think that was my first story telling job. I straight up told the story that I could teach Drama. I never had, but I thought "Hey I'm not stupid. I can figure this out."

And I did.

It's the place where one of my story making markers was put.

Every fall for over a decade I would find a play or write a play and then together with 50 or more teenagers and some pretty supportive colleagues (and three or four times Dave) I would explore story on stage.

I would help the actors build their characters. I would make sure the story had good pace and mood, interesting dialogue. I would make sure there was enough action to keep everyone interested and I would throw in fun little details.

And, I would fall in love. I would fall in love with the efforts of the students who did everything from take roll call to those who were principal characters.

We would sit on the edge of the stage after rehearsals for questions, comments, concerns and kudos night after night.

These wonderful humans worked so hard for me and always tried their best. I don't think I ever did a production that I regretted. I was exhausted by the end of it, completely and utterly bagged but I have to say that those were some incredible memories and they taught me a lot.

I saw the power of the teenage beast on the stage grapple hands on with story and I loved it.

Wholeheartedly and 100% loved it.

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