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Mushrooms, hippies, and surfer dudes

Ten days have passed since my visit to Tofino B.C.

An open letter to Tofino:

Dear gorgeous town by the ocean:

I'm writing this letter to thank you for the chi in that part of our country and to say thanks for being what you are and therefore attracting the types of people that you do.

Even after just one weekend I felt washed by the Pacific Ocean air and the filtered oxygen from the trees in the rain forest and Cathedral Grove.

Thank you for your influence on the good folks here. No one was in a hurry. Not one single plaid wearing, man-bunned individual. There were line-ups for coffee and supper but all citizens were 'chill'. Slow. Happy. Content.

And everyone in the service industry, albeit young, were gentle spirited, patient, and friendly. Clearly this is the effect of living here.

Thank you for Long Beach and the solidly bright day and pounding shore with all your little gems of shells and rocks and leaves buried in the soft wet sand. And a special thanks to the friendly hippie surfers who when I commented on the harvest of mushrooms in their back seat they hand picked they were quick to share them with me.

I do believe that the energy of a place is carried in part by the beings that reside there. Some places just feel right because the mass majority that live there are in a positive symbiotic experience with nature. People who are there live there on purpose and with a purpose.

I'm glad I got to experience your place with all my senses.
I'll see you again.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Prairie dweller Angie

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