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Notes from 'a-broad'

In response to Dave:

Dear Dave:

Things are going well here in Greece except for the fight I got into at the airport. I've been editing the book. Not as much as I had hoped since the sun and the sea are calling. I'm trying not to feel guilty about it. Hope the African film reviews are moving along nicely for you.

Take care

Dear Dave:

Say hi to my sister and the kids. I figure the cabin was relaxing and you got a little writing done. I'm still stressing about edits. I'm sort of off my routine but I'm sure I'll get my rhythm back. Thought I'd be doing more than I actually am. Saw family and friends. It's been nice so far except for the fight with the man who was double-parked and in my way.

More later


Mother f*&%! COMPUTER ISSUES!!! My computer has completely crapped out. Edits have come to an unnegotiable standstill. I'm going to drink myself into an ouzo bottle. Later.


Yasoooooo.... I'm drunk. And I think the wifi is too. It works. It doesn't. It works. It doesn't. It's like a 90 year old groom on his wedding night. I'm so frustrated. Time for more ouzo.

:D Opa!

P.S. Look at my ouzo arrows... giving me direction...

I've had a lot of ouzo. The kalamari has started talking to me. I've been borrowing laptops here and there and crossing my fingers that the internet is going to be agreeable. Mmmm ouzo...It's a good thing I'm tipsy and don't care or I'd have caused a national incident with the man at the peripetero (newsstand). Instead, I just told him off and slammed his Coke fridge door!

deer daccccve
I've deesicded to sellll donnnnnnuts ffffffff on the beachs and live in this ouzo bottle. It's nice in here. Knot coming home until they make me, which may be a very long time as no one is in a hurry to get anything done arounnnnd here. Senddsssssss me a checkarooni.


Ugh. Sobering up....

My flight arrives soon, sometime, on a day. I need a ride from the airport please.

Mmkay. Bye-bye.

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