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Obsessing over the numbers

A couple of days ago, I reflected on the flexibility of outlines.

As my writing partner and I wrap up the first draft of a new script, our page count is less than I expected. Even though I know better, this fact always makes me stress and it is in these moments I have to remind myself that we're not done.

We still have read-throughs and rewrites, and the story will be continue to be built and cut apart, lost and found, until we end up with another, slightly different version.

Although, I don't believe in always holding to word counts and page numbers, as I build a project, I inevitably develop a vision of what the final project looks like.

This is fine. It helps me adjust as I progress and correcting course when needed.

The danger comes when I obsess over the numbers to fit a particular mold, a shape I put in place before the first draft even began.

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