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Odds and Ends

As I mentioned last week, we've been busy with the books, as well as our personal lives, and we've done a few things on Counios and Gane that I wanted to point out.

Our Store

We have put our store back online.

Although there are plenty of options to buy our book, you can purchase it directly from us!

Unfortunately, the shipping costs are a crazy and there's not much we can do about that, but we will send you a signed copy!

However, if you live in Regina, input coupon code REGINA to remove the shipping charge. Include a way to contact you and we can arrange a delivery or pick up time and place. (Of course, if you don't live in Regina and use the coupon code, you will not receive your book!)

The book is the only thing on there at the moment, but we may expand it with future special offers!

Teacher's Section

Over a month ago, we made a special offer to the teachers: a Q&A session with us either with a pre-recorded video or a video chat (depending on our schedule).

We've updated that offer and added a novel study for you to use to your hearts content.

We've been told that some of the questions may be challenging for a Grade 7 and 8 class, but we've made it available for you to download (and edit as you please) as a Word Doc or PDF or even a web page!

So please, enjoy.

Other Things

We have put together a proper Counios and Gane Twitter channel that will promote all our posts (and maybe a few other goodies along the way), so be sure to follow us @couniosandgane

And lastly, we now have a YouTube Channel, where we hope to post more fun videos, like this one.

I do believe that's it.

Have a safe and fun weekend.

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