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One foot, one word

My first post was formulaic. A series of questions to be answered, given to me by my writing partner. I was grateful for this because I needed something to get started. The idea of blogging made me nervous. The words came faster than I thought they would. Then I thought maybe I had too many words. When I was done I checked Dave's answers and he had written about as much as I had more or less. I was relieved. In that moment I realized that I've been putting words down for a long time, years in fact, and that I should relax and just start with one foot in front of the other or, in this case, one word after the other whether the ideas are good or bad.

Ultimately, any beginning will lead me somewhere and more often than not I am taken exactly where I need to go.

I just need some faith in myself and to give myself permission.

I Exhale.
This was much easier than the first time.

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