| Angie Counios

One Year Old

It’s our birthday.

On September 3, 2014, the first mention of 'us' appeared on here. We blew out the ‘one’ candle for our first year as Counios & Gane and made a wish.

Dave bought the cake and sang Happy Birthday to us.

“Are we sharing our wish?” I asked. “I’m pretty sure we wished for the same thing.” Dave replied. I think he’s right.

When we both blew out the candle, we were both careful not to outdo the other—we tried to be fair without saying it. This moment says a lot about us and how fair we try to be with each other.

Dave cut a HUGE piece of cake for both of us and we ate and then we got back to work.

The celebration was sweet and short and I have no doubt there’ll be much larger celebrations in our future but this was a perfect, humble beginning.

I’ll go into details of this year later on, talking about what went on through my perspective, but mostly, right now, I want to celebrate and share that I'm happy about the first year of Counios & Gane. I’d also like to acknowledge Dave for all his hard work and patience and to all those people I know and don't know who took time to click on our blog and read what we wrote.

Gratitude and love!

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