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Our Peeps

Before we released Along Comes a Wolfe, we had it read several times.

There was:

  1. The first draft of writing and self-correction to make it sound normal.
  2. Then, Ang and I would edit each other's work.
  3. Then, we read it together to make sure it worked.
  4. And rewrote all of our stuff again.
  5. After all that, we sent it to Nathan who did a lot of work. I'm too embarrassed to give you an exact count of the corrections, but I will admit it was in the thousands.
  6. Then, we rewrote it again.
  7. My daughter Anna read it.
  8. And Ang read it again.
  9. Then we released.

However, mistakes keep popping up. Up to now, we've had four different people catch mistakes and none of them have repeated each other. It didn't really surprise me though, because, I expected stuff would sneak through and set up a page specifically to catch those issues.

Ang and I talked about the corrections the other night. I mentioned that once the company I started to publish through starts making money, I'd like to invest in a second reader, a fresh set of eyes to come in after all of Nathan's good work. Ang said, "And for now, we rely on our peeps."

I hate to put that onus on you, our readers. It really bothers me because I want to give you the best reading experience possible (and we really tried).

Yet, I realized something kind of exciting. Ang and I have "peeps."

We have people who have gone out and bought our book. Some of you know me, some of you know Ang, and maybe some of you don't really know either of us except through our blog and our book. Yet, you have shown up, invested your time and money in our little dream. We've even heard from some of you, telling us how you liked the book and look forward to reading the next one. And that means the world to us.

So to you, our peeps, I give thanks. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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