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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

- African Proverb

I'm positive I have talked about the benefits of partnership, especially as the team of Counios and Gane but it has come up once again.

In my previous post We're on a Shelf I attended the unveiling of Bushwakker's Writers Corner.

Unfortunately David couldn't make it. I missed my partner. He had family obligations (Letting Go) that took him out of town so I went alone. I could have taken someone but I wasn't sure what it was about. No biggie. I do lots of stuff on my own.

I documented the afternoon and sent Dave a message when it was done with two funny anecdotal stories.

I see the advantage of being a partnership because one person cannot actually be in two places at once but two can! I appreciate this.

Let's go back 18 months.

Dave and I attended a workshop put on by Creative Saskatchewan for a script we wrote. That night, at dinner, Dave sat on one side of a large table and I sat at the opposite end. We had eight people between us and we also had the advantage of working the whole room instead of just talking the two or three people near by. It was awesome!

Counios and Gane can technically be in two places at once.

Someone from our team can always be present and that's a win for us.

I'm going to talk a little more about partnership in another post but first here's a little anecdotal story from Saturday:

When everything was done, the authors had read, thanks was given and the collection of books unveiled I decided I wanted a photo and I wanted to be in it.

Me: Grant, would you take a photo of me with the collection? (He didn't know me but humored me anyhow.)
Grant: Sure. Would you like to hold a book.
Me: Yes. Good idea. (I take Along Comes a Wolfe off the shelf)
Grant: Why did you pick that book?
Me: Because I wrote it.

Grant and I both start laughing!

Thank you for letting us be part of the Saskatchewan collection of writers in your establishment Bushwakker!

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