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On Saturday Dave and I were in Saskatoon for a book signing at Chapters Indigo. Anna, Dave's daughter (my niece) came along as our publicist.

The signing went well. We sold books. I learned how to do a Facebook live stream which was fun. We met people. And I had a learning moment caused by a passerby.

Here's what happened:

Dave engaged in a conversation with a couple who were holding a board game he recognized. The conversation shifted to the Shepherd and Wolfe books. Our pitch is "The books are about two teenage boys who chase serial killers." It's simple, precise and accurate.

The man liked the idea and wanted to buy a book for his grand daughter. The woman would not have it. Her words were "the world is ugly enough, I don't want to get that for my 13, and 16 year old grand daughters." The couple got into a bit of a debate in front of us. Awkward.

My knee jerk reaction was to defend the stories. I didn't of course. I smiled. Told the lady about the parent/teacher guide for the series on our website and let the passerby-not-even-close-to-almost-customers carry on but I did consider what she said.

Yes. We have adult content. And sometimes the world can be an ugly place.

I'm not in full agreement

I got thinking.

I concluded that the world is not an ugly place even though sometimes bad things do happen. There are seven billion people on the planet yet we hear, what? A dozen news stories about 100 people? 1000 people? Even 10,000 people and the other six billion nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand are generally okay, living their lives hurting no one, and perhaps helping someone.

So is the metaphorical glass half full, half empty or all full of water and air?

I guess it's about perspective.

That woman and I, let me just say it, we'd never be friends. We don't see the world in the same way. The Shepherd and Wolfe series is a murder mystery series but in dark situations there are two young men who try to do what they can to shed some light on that darkness.

Charlie and Tony are the heros and always do their best to do good. They don't think the world is an ugly place. They generally proceed into pretty sketchy territory with optimism and hope, wanting to find truths.

So thanks lady for crossing my path and getting me thinking.

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