| David Gane

Rain or Shine

Yesterday, I ran.

Although I tried to run every day I can, I could have skipped today. It was storming and for over an hour, I waited for the weather to decide what it was doing.

Eventually I decided to go whether it was raining or not and wore a long sleeve sweater because it was cold and a jacket and baseball hat to stay dry. It didn’t matter because by the time I was done I was soaked through with sweat and rain.

It didn’t stop raining through the whole run and it thundered in the distance. My legs were stiff at the start and it was my worst pace of the week.

However, I went out.

I ran in the rain and splashed through puddles like a kid. I saw a guy playing his guitar, sheltered in an alcove from the rain.

On the way back, I ran into the storm clouds but the clouds opened up behind me and golden sunlight illuminated the rain soaked trees.

I saw a full, bright rainbow stretch from one side of the horizon to the other. A second rainbow formed outside of it.

By the time I was done, I was full of energy because I had fun,

Yesterday, I wrote.

Every day this week, I’ve been dropping my son off at summer camp and heading to the closest coffee shop to get words on paper.

Ang and I are way behind schedule on book #2 and we need to get done a ridiculous amount of words each day.

Yesterday was my best day, nearly doubling my amount and it felt good. By the end, I knew exactly where I would start next.

However, I won’t get as much done today. Although my priority is the book, I made promises that have turned into commitments and they will eat up my time. And tomorrow, I have other responsibilities that will take away from writing and I probably won’t get another good day until next week.

None of this is about good luck or bad luck.

It’s about going out and doing it.

When things are stormy, the worst thing we can do is not making the effort. Every little bit helps. And when things are good, you can’t expect them to last. However, you need to still get up each day and get back to work.

Day to day doesn’t define you. It’s all about the long haul and doing the work whether it rains or shines.

Photo Credit: Abigail Keenan

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