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Stupid Internet!

Don't believe everything you read!

Don't be tethered to your digital device they say. Disconnect they say. Live in the moment they say. You'll be happier they say. Yeah, right, Mr. Internet Articles!

I went for a long walk. You know those epic walks where you walk for so long that by the time you get back it feels like you've sorted most of your aimless thoughts out. And in my case I bounced around story ideas to my satisfaction. It was awesome! I took my phone, not to be interrupted by emails or phone calls but to take photos. The path I take is really nice and I got some pictures I liked. I was happy. I had documentation and a clear head.

The next day I decided to do the same thing except I decided not to take my phone and kick it circa 1989. I decided to listen to Mr. Internet.

You know what happened? Those cool birds I took a picture of yesterday sitting on the twigs on the creek today they had their wings spread so wide for so long. Both of them, just sitting there like bird kings owning the creek. It was majestic. They were somehow sculptural and I didn't have my camera! I also noticed a park bench that I have walked or run by so many times that I saw for the first time. I sat at it. Great view. No camera!

Know yourself.

I like documenting the world around me. I have for a while now. I also know checking myself to make sure the digital device is not owning me is a good idea. Oh and one more thing: I KNOW MYSELF. Finally.

These digital tools are just tools. And like all tools they can be used for good and bad by the person operating them.

My bottom line is that I should listen to my gut. For the most part it knows best.

On the third day I went for a run and took my phone. During the walk break I took a photo and Canadian Tire got a product placement on Counios and Gane!

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