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Release the Kraken: My Ego Post and who we are

This post started after reading Seth Godin. This is what it became:

Ang and I started working together back in 2008, writing seven scripts (as well as a few projects we cut short). All of the stories fit into a genre of some type (horror, thriller, action, western) and always had a fun tone baked into them. I don't think this was by accident but a result of the process.

Back when we were building those stories, we worked in the same room together, with Ang typing and me pacing, acting out the story. We would find ourselves writing jokes into the scripts that only we got, which still make callbacks in the writing we do six years later. It is hard to set a serious tone in a script when this occurs.

The other quality I draw out of this partnership is that in just over two years, we built six scripts that varied in character and genre. We had built ourselves a system of outlining, writing, and rewriting that was extremely effective. We knew how to build story but also how long it would take us for each step. We had become a prolific machine.

In 2010, we took a break. I took my Masters in Fine Arts and can say that I no longer had the time and energy to do the work but this is only half true. The other half is that we weren't working as well together. We had travelled together as a family around Greece for a month and it took its toll. Also, my MFA and facing the death of my father made me want to consider more serious, personal themes in writing. So, perhaps it is best to say, I needed the break.

After school was finished, we never got back to writing. I continued pursuing my own writing, shifting from film to fiction, as my local movie industry collapsed. Yet, despite feeling that I had matured as a writer, breaking away from the forms of genre and three act structure, no one was interested. Also, as a dad and a husband, I wanted something to help support the family.

So, when I texted Ang in the summer of 2014 to collaborate again on a novel that embraced popular serialized genre fiction, I didn't feel I shut a part of myself out but instead opened myself up.

For me, there was a part of ego that had succumbed to the notion of the lone author telling serious and carefully crafted stories. Yet, a story like that takes time to write and time to read and not everyone wants that type of story.

When Seth's post, I was trying to define the story of Ang and I and why we write for you, the reader. We don't don't love a particular genre or certain type of form. Also, it isn't just to make money, although that certainly makes my wife happy, as well as paying the bills and funding future creative endeavours.

We write because we are productive, we like to tell stories, we like to entertain, we have fun doing it, and we believe (or hope) all of that makes it way on to the page, so that you enjoy reading it too.

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