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Yesterday, the weather was windy but warmer than it has been for the past week.

As I walked the dog, people were out, biking, walking, and jogging. One woman worked away at a table in the parks on something that I was too far away to see. Another woman was taking family photographs of a young mother, father, and son as they posed on a bench and by a tree.

I barely saw any trace of the bike race I saw setting up yesterday, only faint wheel tracks on the dirt path and the tamped down grass zig-zagging back and forth through the Bowl.

When I went grocery shopping, I discovered that somebody had gone into our car—I must have not locked the door when Anna and I returned from archery practice the day before—and pulled every piece of paper out of our glove compartment and stolen the few coins we leave in the cup holder. Nothing else seemed missing but I was disappointed they broke the plastic latch that closes the centre armrest console.

While Kate worked her day shift, the kids and I ate turkey bacon pancakes since today is our big meal Thanksgiving meal at my wife's parents.

I didn't intend to watch the US debates but I couldn't turn away. Pete hung out with me for a bit, saying the whole bothered him and he complained it gave him a headache. I watched almost to the end, until Kate came home and I knew hanging out with her was a much better choice.

This week, I hope to get videos recorded for the online class. We also will make our final decisions on Book 1 so we can send it off to the printer. Then, the work on Book 2 begins, hopefully in time for Christmas.

Stay safe this Thanksgiving Monday.

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