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Schedule is not a four letter word.

Schedule is not a four letter word, but time is. However I like four letter words.

(Just ask Dave, or anyone who knows me for that matter.)

Ticking clocks

While Tracy and I were walking through one of the gorgeous forest trails on Vancouver Island she mentioned how time can really slip away. Life sort of takes over and BAM a whole lot of time just flies by and you haven't talked to someone you care about for months.

As she kindly thought out loud about how this has happens to her I simply said schedule it. It's an easy idea.

Schedule it before you regret it.

Industry is smart

Industry has this all figured out. The one thing that is scheduled to the max is our work life. We are told what time to get there, what time to leave, how long our breaks are, if we are needed extra, or less. And guess who's making money? Yup. Industry.

They've got this schedule thing down so tight that we don't even blink at the idea that we may be seeing our job more than our loved ones. That's straight up F'd (two letters).

Schedules help get things done

No doubt about that: Seven Major Benefits to Keeping a Schedule.

Not romantic or spontaneous

We never want to feel about work the same way we do about life outside of work, or so we think. But the truth is what's wrong with scheduling a monthly visit with your mom or dad for supper, your sister for coffee, a friend for a hang out? No, it's not spontaneous but if it's important it may be necessary.

Couples who have date nights consistently seem happier and those who schedule a little regular loving, good for them too. I mean relationships are really important and we don't schedule them into our day. We also don't schedule pleasure either. Why don't we put pleasureful, fun things in the calendar?

I'm just thinking about industry again and how much money is made by running a tight time ship. What if we thought about our relationships as commodity, as the thing we want a profit of happiness from.

All this to say that I wouldn't have lived the life I have without making sure I've fit the experiences (including writing) into my day.

I hope I've got you thinking.
I really do.

Blessings and have a great week.

You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.

Charles Bruxton

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