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A long time ago, when we were first starting out, we always knew we wanted to give back. We had a vision of building our writing into a sustainable business that would pay for itself, pay for us, and at some point, help others.

This past Christmas, we set up a goodwill program where we donated $1.00 from every book sale to a local youth charity, Street Culture Project. We've seen some good success with this goal and we've decided to continue donating $1 from every book sold at our store.

So, let's recap:

If you buy a copy of our book from our online store, you get:

  • A signed copy of any/all of our books.
  • A hell of a fun read about teenage boys chasing serial killers.
  • And good feeling in your heart that you helped make this world a little nicer.

From all of us at Counios & Gane, thank you for your continued support.

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