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Shepherd and Wolfe are coming


Ang and I are proud to announce that our new mystery novel, Along Comes a Wolfe.


Yeah, seriously. It's done and ready!

You wrote a book?


What's it about?

After the girlfriend of high school student Tony Shepherd disappears, he asks wise-ass law-breaker Charlie Wolfe to help find her.

But when another missing girl is found dead, they are the main suspects.

Now, Tony must go against what he believes is right to find out what's going on and clear his name.

Cool. What's the cover look like?


That's pretty. Who did it?

Dimitrios Kounios

Where do I get this book?

It will be available in Kindle stores this Friday.

Wait a sec, did you say it's coming out on Kindle? I don't have one!

Whoa down, there. You can get a Kindle reading app for most smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Click on this link to download it from the internet.

Wait a sec, did you say the internet? I don't have the internet!


I hate reading stuff on my phone/tablet/computer. Will it ever come in paper form?

Yes, but you'll have to wait three months and someone's likely going to spoil the ending on you and you will cry.

Did you say murder? And teenagers? Is this book safe for my kid and me to read?

While we wrote it with teenagers in mind, we know that not everyone will like the language or violence, so we put together a handy parent's guide.

I have lots of other questions...

If you leave us a comment below, we'll do our best to help answer them.

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