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Shepherd & Wolfe and Student "A": All about heroes

A student I taught was stabbed at a shopping centre a few years ago. He ran to tackle an attacker and in the process was hurt. His injuries were not fatal. He took some time off, healed up and came back to school.

You can bet I asked him questions. I wanted details. I wanted nit and grit. Once he had filled me in I made some light hearted jokes about how he has this story, like an old grampa veteran. And then I said this "I don't know if you get what your response means. Where people were running away from the shopping centre to save themselves you were running right into the danger to try and stop a bad person. There is something innately good about you. Something about your instinct that gives me hope."

The kid didn't know what to say. I'm mean let's face it he was just a teenager at the time. He just smiled, nodded and said thank you for the comment.

When I think of Charlie and Tony I think they are cut from that same cloth, trying to do good when they can, trying to make a difference.

Parts of the world can be dark but the hero tries to shed light on the darkness. That is the job of the hero: that even though they may be walking into the darkness they are shining light on it and giving us hope.

Though nothing, will drive them away
We can beat them, just for one day
We can be heroes, just for one day

~ David Bowie

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