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Summer Break 2013

I am taking a month off from writing and this blog.

I discovered the power of the break three years ago, when I took a month off before beginning my MFA, which I believed brought new life to my writing. I also learned that stepping away from the work while writing my thesis project helped it grow.

Peter Elbow compares this slowed down process with cooking. In Writing with Power, he states that a period of time is required between writing and editing (or reiteration): "Cooking is the interaction of contrasting or conflicting material...cooking consists of the process of one piece of material (or one process) being transformed by interacting with another..." (49)

I think this is closely related to how designer Stefan Sagmeister closes shop every seven years to take a year long sabbatical. He uses this time to travel and reinvigorate his thinking and develop fresh ideas.

Although I still may check-in occasionally, the plan is to rest, allowing my ideas to simmer, so that when I return, I am ready for the writing that I have planned.

See you soon.

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