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Summer is here.

I always think things will get less busy. Kids are out of school and activities slow down, so less of my time is wasted chasing after them and driving them everywhere.

As well, I am done teaching for the semester, so I can focus on doing more blogging, before things get busy again. However, things never slowed down this time.

Teaching lead into writing and editing and this year has been notably busier for us with panel discussions, interviews, award ceremonies, planning Book 3, building up the company that is Counios and Gane, getting wisdom teeth pulled, etc... And I am not complaining about any of it (except for the wisdom teeth). I am so very grateful for all of it.

And I have written blog posts. I have three of them sitting in my writing app, but that's where they stay, because I have to edit them and that takes time and energy and I just can't seem to get to it.(I always think about Hemingway (I think it was Hemingway) he used to say, "Sorry for the long letter, because I didn't have time to write a short one," because he'd have to edit the hell out of it to make it right.)

And we are now writing Book 3 and it takes so much time and we're trying to hit our deadline (which at this point I am becoming more and more doubtful about...). Writing (and the subsequent editing) takes up so much brain space. It takes time to get into the story world and your characters and then days are filled working out what your character do and say in that space. (This is one of the main reasons I never write while teaching, since I am trying to be in the story spaces of all my students and there is no room for my book.)

I think this blog post is really a check-in, to say hello, and say we're hard at work and sorry that we aren't stopping by the blog as much.

Be sure to check our Twitter and Facebook feeds, where I find it's easier to be more active when I don't have to overthink as many words.

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