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Super Shy Super Moon: a lesson in being in the moment

I watched the clouds roll in from my basement window at work. I was bummed.

I wanted to see the moon rise, after all it's the November 14th SuperMoon also known as the Beaver Moon. I don't know who decided it was called that and you can all just take a moment to make some silly comment in your head.................... Great.

Times up.

Let's carry on.

I came home, ate quickly, and headed west out of town. The road I took is getting busier than it used to be. There are all sorts of street lights that weren't there before and one of those invasive electronic billboards. I kept driving.

I took a turn onto a quiet road and drove down it until I found an inviting field.

The clouds weren't going anywhere.

I looked around from the seat of my car. I heard the geese fly by. Then my self talk kicked in. Here's what it said:

"It looks like you may not be getting what you came out here for Angie. And you can't change the forecast. What you can do is take a minute to be here."

Good advice self. Thank you.

"You're welcome."

I rolled down the windows, shut the car and the radio off and got comfortable. I listened to the geese fly by, and the dry grass move. I heard the hum of the distant traffic. I watched the grey clouds get darker and darker. The air was crisp. The city lights began to pop up on the horizon.

I opened a sky view app. It could at least direct me to where the moon would have come up if the sky were clear and the rest was up to my imagination which is pretty good sometimes. My car was pointed straight at it if I was able to see it.

I felt the tense edge of the day slip away in that field as I sat staring ahead. I noticed a bright orange glow. Could it be the moon? Did the clouds part enough for me to see the super shy super moon?


I jumped out of my car with my fancy point and shoot camera and started taking pictures.

At one point almost the whole moon was in view. A little chunk of the top and bottom were covered with cloud but it was big and orange and gorgeous.

"Hey there pretty lady." I said outloud.

A few minutes later the moon was gone behind the clouds and I was happy. Even if the moon hadn't made an appearance I wasn't disappointed. I had a nice drive, fresh air, I felt the country vibe. Truly, seeing the moon was like a reward, as if I was gifted for my good attitude. Maybe I was.

The moon was a surprise I didn't expect. She found a crack and like Leonard Cohen says "that's how the light gets in."

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