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As you can see, I've made some changes around here.

Last month, while struggling on the outline for a story, I realized that story gets built a lot quicker when I am working with my scriptwriting partner, Angie. I realized that instead of wasting my time trying to write a novel on my own, I would see if she'd be interested in doing a project with me. But because I am nothing but over-the-top, I decided that we wouldn't do just one, but we'd aim for a whole lot of them.

So, as summer has come to a close, we have been slowly building an outline, much like we build one for a script. My belief is that once we figure out our system to write, then we can start building them a lot easier and quicker.

The idea of systems is especially helpful when you are working between two people. Already, I have become aware of writing choices I would make without fully understanding their meaning, but now I must be somewhat on the same page with my co-writer before we proceed. This need for clarification pushes me further and keeps me honest.

At some point Angie will find some time and do a proper hello, but until then please follow us to find out about upcoming announcements.

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