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  • | Angie Counios

    We Are In Chapters Regina

    I've been emailing with a nice lady at Chapters Indigo, Regina about a book signing for Shepherd's Watch in the new year. That's our second book by the way. I asked when we could expect Along Comes a Wolfe on the shelves. She kindly let me know that they had arrived. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Play the Long Game

    Don’t be in a hurry to get your 15 minutes of success (or fame, if that's what you want). Aim for decades. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Party in the front, business in the back

    The front stage is the relationship between you and your audience. It is about figuring out who they are, what you are offering them, and how you communicate what you offer in order to sell to them.

    The back stage is the guts of your business.

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  • | David Gane

    Selling Myself

    The book is out in the world and we have it in printed form and it’s time to sell. I have a stack of business cards and I see someone I know (or don’t know) and it’s time to promote the book and myself and I feel the card in my pocket and I’m looking for the opportunity to tell them to buy my book… View Post
  • | David Gane

    Showing Up

    Sometimes all we want is for someone to step up, take charge, and do their job. View Post
  • | David Gane

    Passive vs. Active Engagement

    Most social media accounts rely on passive engagement. Once you sign in to their ecosystem, it’s in their best interest to keep you there. The less you click away from the site, the easier it is for them to keep you around.  View Post
  • | Angie Counios

    Writing on the Wall

    Last week, someone told me I made a wrong choice.  View Post
  • | Angie Counios

    Lessons In Value

    Halfway through my Fine Arts Degree, a professor told an anecdotal story about an early experience selling his art. As young artists, we were curious about making money and I listened, hoping to take a nugget of information away that might possibly help me earn some coin and place a value on my own creations. View Post