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Teachers, lend us your ears.

Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach.

- Aristotle

Opportunity to share

On March 17th, David and I were selected to do a breakout session for the Regina Public Schools annual convention. We wanted teachers to understand story as we see it. We feel that this is the simplest way to build story and we hoped that teachers could go back to their classrooms and teach what they learned.

We had pitched Dave's beautiful idea of The Leap here to the selection committee and they liked it. We had a one hour slot to talk about story.

Overall the presentation went well.


In a total cliche moment the computer crapped out.

I use my laptop every single day at work. It is attached to a data projector and there is never an issue, but today, of course, it has to shut itself down. Fortunately, we warned the audience that it might happen so when it did we just kept going until everything was back on track.

That was the only problem.

When we were done teachers understood and loved the idea of using WOARO, the DNA of story from The Leap to help students build stories of their own. Our mission was accomplished.

My favorite part

I'm going to quote the presentation here and say thanks to Dave for letting me say this final part because it is my favorite part:

This is the power and beauty of WOARO and why we love it. It isn't simply plot or theme or the analysis of character. It's about the experience of life and the complexity of living. We look at what characters want and the obstacles that stand in their way, and the actions they take. And when we teach, we have the opportunity to share and connect these experiences and lessons to our students, as well as to ourselves."

It's easy to teach something you believe in, are proud of and use almost every day.

Thanks Regina Public Schools for inviting us.

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