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Telling Stories

As we build our first book, I’ve noticed Ang and I are always telling the story.

At the start we ask, “What’s the story about?” and we figure out who the villain is and what they’re up to.

Then we move on to, “What happens in the story?” and we figure out what our heroes and villains are going to do to fill the pages. (I’ll talk about this more another day).

After that point, we just tell each other the story over and over again until it sounds right. We are looking for the story to have some sort of logic, a bit of cohesion, and that it seems to work for us emotionally.

Every time we tell the story, we move between the macro to the micro: What are the big parts of the story? What happens in this part? How about this scene?

By this point, we are into the writing, and the story continues to unfold and click into place as best as we can.

Even once we are editing, we tell the story to ourselves again and again, until we feel that we’ve cut off all the sharp edges off the story that dig in and pull the audience out of the story.

By the end, I’m sure we’ve told the story over fifty times, in different shapes and versions. It’s a process of refinement and patience, because we know if the story doesn’t feel right to us, it isn’t ready for the reader.

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