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That book sucks

Dear Ang,

I had a different post for you today—you may have even come online and read the draft—but I eventually threw it out.

It was a post about a book I'm reading—you probably saw it sitting in my office—and my issues with it[1], but I decided not to finish writing the piece.

I never like to attack other people's creative efforts. It's a hard slog to do the work and often we are trying the best we can with the abilities that we possess in the moment that we do the work.

This is the danger of criticism. It's easy to judge an object after the fact, yet difficult when you are in the guts of the beast, trying to build all the pieces up.

For example, while we were working yesterday on the outline of Book Three, how many decisions did we unknowingly make in crafting the story. Last night alone, we talked about all our characters and their actions and backstories and how their stories will play out in future books. We discussed the chronology of events and the order they needed to be revealed, which then affects all the other events.

Eventually we'll write it and edit and make more decisions and choices and never be aware of most of them.

As well, when we are in the depths of the work, it is, as they say, sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. You think you are making the right choice but only with time and perspective are able to judge clearly.

So that's why this post is up here instead of that one. I hope you don't mind.


  1. I'm also not its audience, so why should I judge a book if it wasn't written for me. Just because I don't like something, doesn't mean others won't find enjoyment out of it. ↩︎

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