| David Gane

The 33%

Recently, Seth Godin asked the question:

If every person in Iceland bought your product, loved your music, read your book, would it be enough?

He’s asking whether a business needs to seek the huge results (millions, HUNDREDS of millions, BILLIONS!!!) that always makes the news, or can you be satisfied with a smaller group, such as a group of 323,002 people.

I compared Iceland to Regina. It’s population is 237,758, according to a 2014 census.

If every person bought one book (or future books) each year, Counios and Gane would be a major success. If we halved that number, we’d still be living comfortably. Even if we had every 1 out of 3 people buying our book, we’d be doing moderately okay and Swift, Flowing (which is no longer available) would be able to hire someone to help handle the day to day business.

Now, if we looked at Canada, using that same number, we'd need about 1 out of 14 people to be purchasing a book. In the English speaking population of the world, we’d need about 1 out of 3571. If we went back to that living comfortably number, we’d need 1 person from every group of 9 or from every group of 2380 in the world…

When thinking in terms of these numbers, it is both possible and overwhelming. While I don’t expect to get 33% of Regina to read our book, I can’t see how we couldn’t hope to get 118,879 people (just 0.04231%) of the world’s population to give our writing a try!

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