| David Gane

The beats between the beats

One of the things that stalls me on new writing projects is my inability to visualize the small beats while trying to connect the large ones across the outline. Yet, when I get to the writing, the small beats appear easily and quickly.

This process is fine while writing a script, but when I am working on something as large as a novel, there seems to be an increased need to find these beats to cross the vast space of story time.

Perhaps this is why writing in the moment, rather than outlining the whole story, works better when working on a novel. I could do more front end work to fill the spaces of story, but it takes away from the pure joy of discovering a character and finding out what they are willing to do in any given moment.

This will be something I will continue puzzling over as I move forward into the next project. As I come to understand it better, the more I will try to share.

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