| David Gane

The Counios & Gane Show

We've got some big things planned in the new year (ahem: Book #3) but we're going to start it off quick with a little experiment.

We're going to try for a 13 episode 20 minute live stream Sunday nights at 5:30 (first episode will be January 7). At the moment we're planning to broadcast it on YouTube and Facebook (and/or Instagram), then we'll save it for later viewing.

Our goal is to talk about writing, self-publishing, and whatever else comes into our head and hopefully give an inside look into our process.

I don't know if this show will be for everyone but I do think it will evolve the longer we do it, so hopefully you'll tune in and participate.

And don't worry, we'll remind you plenty that it's coming up!

PS - I love the graphic on that photo above! Feels like a bad 80s sitcom!

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