| Angie Counios

The journey of a writing meeting

Dave: Ang, are you coming?
Me: Be right up!! (Oh, crap.)
Dave: Ang? What are you doing?
Me: Nothing...?
Dave: Ang...did you spill the beer?
Me: Ummm....no...? YES!!! Sooorrrrry. Be right up!

Dear Dave:
Thanks for the stout. I'm sorry I spilled in on your light coloured couch. I'm sorry for me as well. I really wanted more than two ounces. Oh well. Better than nothing I guess. Oh, and thanks for the citrus. Keeps your partner healthy.

Say thanks to my sis for helping me clean it up. Actually, she'll likely read this. Thanks sister!!

I think the To Do List on the wall is definitely good for me. Very visual.

We made some difficult decisions and as you can see above a solid outline is coming down the pipes.

Although I am the one who generally doesn't want to see bad things happen to characters we create I am getting used to the idea that murder mysteries may contain some murders.

Dave, I know you're bummed about what we may be putting our characters through. You usually pace and you did lots of it tonight, however by the end it looked like you needed a rest (and perhaps a therapist). Nice to see you expose that soft side (wink-wink).

Thanks again for the good writing session and sorry for the spill.


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