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The person behind the words

Dear Ang,

I'm not too upset that you didn't see the post (actually I think I'm happy). As I continue to read the book, I reevaluate my opinion of it.

I keep thinking about my post the other day to imagine others complexly.

Even though the book I'm reading is a memoir, I feel like I've been only reading the surface of the words and not imagining the living, breathing person behind those words.

Sometimes when I read a book and I interpret false impressions of the author, while other times I keep myself at a far distance from who they may be as people.

I wonder if there is a middle ground, where I can hold myself back from judging the individual while steal realizing the complexity.

Also, thank you for the compliment about my work habits. I like the habit of posting regularly, even though I know the writing isn't always the strongest. I feel like it is a little work place for me to work on ideas and notice thing.

And to be honest, I fear if I do take a break, I'll slide back into laziness.

That's all I have for now.

PS - This was originally attached to the post about our cover proof but it became so long, I had to split it into a new post. I don't intend to publish twice a day on a regular basis.

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