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The Year Ahead

Things have seemed quiet for the past couple of weeks here at www.couniosandgane.com but I know it hasn't been. Ang posted about our one year birthday/anniversary (I’ve never settled on what to call it) and her failed plans to work and travel. It’s just that I haven’t posted in forever.

I have my excuses. We are busy in the last stages of our first novel (which we plan to reveal soon), as well as I’ve been thinking about how to improve and build our audience on the blog (a topic I think I will discuss more in the next few weeks). And strangely, somewhere amidst all of this, I didn’t think I had anything to write about…

Yet, I’m going to change all that, by putting some time in the next few weeks, starting with this list of things planned for our year ahead:

  1. As stated many times, our first book is about to be released in the next few weeks. I know that at this point, I should tell you its name, maybe what the cover looks like, but I’m superstitious and weird and waiting until its available before I say anything.
  2. What I can tell you is that it’ll be on Kindle for the first three months, before moving into iTunes, etc., as well as being in printed form.
  3. As well, that means in the next few weeks, Ang and I will drag ourselves back into it and start building Book #2.
  4. As you can also see, we've fixed up the look of the website. We freshened it with a lovely new theme from the awesome Canadian company Volt Themes. We’ll likely do some more tweaking over the next few weeks.
  5. I also hope to get Ang working on a series of blog posts that I eventually hope will be rolled into a book. So, if you’re interested, drop her a line to tell her to get to work.
  6. I also hope to get a book about writing put together over the winter and released ASAP.
  7. Like I said, I plan to post more (a couple of times a week). Ang suggested we do a 30 day challenge, so we might test that out.
  8. Lastly, we’re killing the general idea of the newsletter. I’ll post more about this soon, but that’s the plan.

I think that’s it for now. Leave a comment if you are curious about the plan or just want to say hello.

Have a nice day.

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