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There is no "I" in team

Benefits to working with a partner - specifically Dave.


  • We both bring different skills to the table
  • We can be in two places at once
  • Twice the words
  • Twice the hustle
  • Twice the fun
  • Someone will always bring coffee
  • Costs are half
  • You don't actually have to talk to yourself when you're thinking of ideas
  • Boy views and girl views on topics
  • You can negotiate passing the baton when you're tired
  • Extra set of eyes on proofreading etc.
  • Support


  • We have to show up to meetings (you don't need to show up when you're working alone)
  • Clarity and communication is important when figuring stuff out
  • Profits are half
  • Hygiene matters

As you can see the Pro list is way longer than the Con list. I think if you have a good relationship there really aren't very many downsides to working with someone.

If you have the other person's best interest in mind and you are both clear on your goal it is a great way to work.

Dave, thoughts?

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