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Things to be grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!

Without much consequence I gathered at two separate meals with friends and family this weekend. After a lot of laughing, visiting and even more eating I was sure that my pants would not fit this morning.

My pants fit.
Thank God.

Dave and I also celebrated three years in writing partnership this weekend (about a month late) and posted a video. You can see it here: Third Anniversary

It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy. ~Unknown

And with that I would like to quickly drop a list of things I am grateful for:

  • Our first award with Sask Books in April of this year.
  • Every single person who took time to read Along Comes a Wolfe and Shepherd's Watch.
  • My health. (My grandma on my dad's side used to say "health above all" and she was right.)
  • My ability to look at the glass and know that whether it's half full or half empty I can grab the pitcher and fill it up as much as I want.
  • David's hard work on our books, words, and ideas.
  • Heather Nickel and her eye for detail.
  • My ability to shift gears and calm down better than I ever have. Although that being said I could still use some work.
  • Knowing that I have good, solid people around me that I can count on, laugh with, debate with and coffee or wine with until the sun goes down...or comes up.
  • Our second and third awards for Along Comes a Wolfe (Gold, First Book - Moonbeam Awards 2017) and Shepherd's Watch (Silver, Teen Mystery- Moonbeam Awards 2017).
  • I am also grateful for my coffee maker that drips fresh coffee every morning. Time to put some beans in it.

Big things or small things I have gratitude and that seems to be making life sweeter to swallow.

Speaking of swallow look at this spread!

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