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Things You Learn By Doing

Sometimes we don't realize how much we've learned.

In it.

When I'm in it (the work) I don't have time to reflect on what my brain has actually registered.

Twenty Years Ago

At the beginning of my career I taught drama. A large portion of it was drama play and hands on learning. A boy named Joel came into class. I had taught him three years in a row.

He said:

I've been coming here every day for three years and I didn't think I was learning anything. No offense. Then I volunteer to help direct a community play. And, while the actors were on stage all of a sudden I'm like 'no, that's cue acting' or 'you're blocking' or 'you need to come down stage' or 'project better.' Sneaky Ms. C.! Very sneaky. I was learning stuff and didn't even know it.

Application comes

Joel applied what he learned. He didn't take any tests to prove his knowledge. He just knew it.


Jane came to school on a day where we offered catch up for those who needed help passing or extra time getting their work in. Jane wasn't failing but needed some time and a quiet space to work. She picked my room. I took it as a compliment.

At some point I offered to proofread her work. She was stuck and hesitantly turned her work over to me.

The moment it clicks

As I helped Jane with her essay I asked the questions that got her right to her main points and helped expand them. Then I cleaned it up by making some grammar corrections. I thought is this how Heather does it?

Like Joel, it snuck up on me. I saw it clearly as I helped Jane with her essay. My experience with Dave has taught me a ton about writing scripts, fiction, blogs (like this thing right here).

Then I smiled at the whole thing. Sneaky Ms. C. Very sneaky.


Helping Jane was just so easy.

Maybe it was easy because I have a really great partner, or I have written half a dozen scripts with my partner (even if they are rough around the edges) or a 400 page book, twice.

Maybe all that clikkity clack on the laptop, the discussions, the debates, the edits, the edits and the edits have worked through me and settled in and now I know stuff...Just like Joel.

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