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This is why

Last Saturday I had a productive morning of prepping my car for road trip season and trying to find the antidote to the zombie apocalypse. You know, typical Saturday morning stuff.

I decided I needed something a little quieter for the evening so I went to Kevin's house for a cup of joe.

He'd asked me to bring a copy of Along Comes a Wolfe for his youngest daughter to read. She's in grade 8.

Almost famous

She immediately shared a story that totally pumped the tires of Counios and Gane.

Chay's story as she told it:

I went to school Saturday morning to help paint sets for the school play. I was killing time and waiting around and started talking with the teacher there. She brought up how she was inspired to take a creative writing class so she could become an author. I said "My dad's girlfriend is an author." Making conversation. So, she asked what book you wrote and I said Along Comes a Wolfe. She freaked out and said that she met you at Chapters at the book signing. She was inspired by you guys and thought she was annoying Dave and was self conscious because she thought she was repeating herself and sounded like an idiot. She said that you're the reason she wanted to become an author.

I let out an excited "REALLY?"

Yes, really.

I relate!

I remember meeting Elizabeth Gilbert and having her sign Eat Pray Love and feeling the exact same way. I felt like I couldn't string four words together to make a sentence. I was excited and nervous and it was great to meet someone I admired and whose writing inspired me.

A few years later here I am with Dave on the other side of the table and this young teacher is inspired by us. I told Dave this story and we high-fived each other.

This is why we write.

To inspire.

Coolest. Story. Ever.


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