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this time

I've begun working through our editor's notes on our second book, Shepherd's Watch, sitting in the same coffee shop I wrote my part, reading through the many, many, many corrections she gave us.

This process takes time and energy. It means going step by step through every correction and changes and consider them.

It can be challenging. The words, sentences, and choices we've made are questioned and often rewritten and the ego takes a beating.

But it's been easier this time.

I think there are two reasons it's been relatively painless. The first is we know Heather better and feel confident she cares the book and our audience. Her changes make it a better read and clarify the character's actions.

But I also think I've let go of my ego a little. Although I helped write the book, I know my choices may not always be the right ones. As well, I'm not the only one; Ang has her own vision of the story and I always have to work with her to find common ground.

Finally, there are you, our readers. You have a completely different vision than any of us and you will bring your own thoughts and opinions to the story, and once the book leaves my hands, I can't change that.

So, I'll do the best I can now, before getting out of the way and sharing it with the world.

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