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It's a late night again and I'm barely getting this blog post out.

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours recording lectures for my online course and it threw off my daily to-do list. It wasn't until I was in bed that I realized I had forgotten to practice Greek, exercise, or write yesterday's blog.

The trouble I find is that I continually overstuff my day to keep busy when things are slow, but then when I'm swamped, I open myself to failure. On a normal day, I can usually blaze through my list with room to spare, but the moment I add a new activity—like teaching—it sends the whole day into chaos.

I think it's due to the fact that the roles in my life (father, husband, writer, teacher) play into this challenge, especially when there is a constant flux between them. For example, the school year keeps me busy with driving kids arounds, but things get extra hectic when I teach a class.

As well, these roles have an affect on each other. Case in point: although things typically slow down in the summer, I found I was busier this year because teaching pushed into writing, so I spent most of the holidays working on Book 2.

In the case of writing this summer, I intentionally took a break from certain activities, but short term activities, like the recording sessions come out of nowhere and leave just as soon. The only way I seem able to adapt is to allow things to be delayed for a day or two, then return. Greek practice and exercise can allow skip days but when it comes to delivering something to other people, this changes things.

I'm not quite sure what the solution and something I'll have to work on in the days to come....

That's all I've got for today....I guess enjoy the weather and stay safe. Bye!

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