| David Gane

Tools to Write

On the last writing project, my writing partner and I only worked with Google Docs and Fountain.

The main reason was for collaboration. We didn't need something expensive or complicated. We needed to get the work done.

Our writing process hasn't changed much since using these tools. One usually wrote, while the other thought the story out loud. Other times, one of us would edit one part of the script, while the other built a scene. One my favorite things about Google Docs is when one of us was writing the end of a sentence while the other person was editing the front.

We would copy and paste the Google Docs draft into Highland to keep track of our page count, but setting Google Docs to 10 point Courier New kept us fairly close.

What I like most about this system is that it lets me think about how we can open up the process. We no longer are tethered to the same time or place, and allows for travel, family, and play. The best sort of writing for me is when you're able to live your life while doing it.

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