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I believe the big thing about any type of healthy relationship is trust. You have to hope the person you're with isn’t going to take advantage of you, screw you over, or make you look bad.

This is something that is built over time.

Working with Ang

In the past, I’ve mentioned how travelling with Ang stresses me out. We have different ways of going about things and over long periods of time, those contrasts get accentuated.

However, when it comes to writing, we seem to mediate the moments when we don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes, we know that the sticking point between us isn’t worth the fight, so we concede. Other times, when we both have strong opinions, and we talk it out, back and forth, until we find common ground.

I think it’s important that we both have a goal we agree on and take whatever actions are required to move towards that objective.

Working With Heather

As we move into this new stage of our business and have begun working with our new publisher Heather from Your Nickel's Worth Publishing, I feel it highlights another detail with trust—sometimes we need to take leaps of faith.

Hidden away on my computer was a folder for Along Comes a Wolfe and inside of it is another folder called “Don't Touch - Locked Down.” Inside is the cover art, the text document, the PDF, and the .html file of the book. This was the bread and butter of our writing business. If it got messed up, corrupted, deleted, or stolen, I would not be a happy camper. Needless to say, I’ve stressed and sweated over those files for far too long.

However, when Ang and I agreed to work with Heather, I needed to hand all of these files over to her. I haven't experienced this feeling before, except only when I've dropping one of my children off with someone, hoping that they’ll take the care in protecting my them as I have.

It's scary. Yet, in order to grow, I needed to hand it over.

Editing Sucks (But is Awesome)

These feeling were accentuated further when we started getting our editing notes back for both Book #2, as well revision notes for the re-release of Along Comes a Wolfe. Unfortunately, they came at the same time and I described it on Twitter as a one-two punch to the ego.

It hurts and you want to protect your children, especially from people who you don't think have their best interests at heart. After all, you put all the time in raising them, and to have someone re-arrange things and point out your mistakes, really sucks.

However, you have to put your writing (and yourself) out there to grow. If you are in a healthy relationship—we all know there a lot out there that are not—then you discover that everyone is on the same team. Everyone wants to tell a good story and entertain the audience and do whatever it takes to make that goal happen—even if it means doing a major overhaul on the words you spent months arranging into some semblance of order.

Final Thoughts

We don’t always know what outcomes results from these interactions but we need to sometimes place faith and trust in the actions of others in order to make things happen. And putting the ego by the wayside is important as well, even if it is really hard to do.

I have to do a shout-out to The Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. It's definitely been helpful as I've worked through this process.

(Photo Credit: Sylwia Bartyzel)

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