| David Gane

Trusting the Tools

Computers crash. Webpages never load. Cell service is sporadic.

It's hard to trust your tools. There is always a chance that the thing you need done right now will be hampered by the technology that is supposed to make your life easier.

Back in the day, I forced myself to write scripts in coil notebooks with a pen or pencil just so that I didn't rely on my tools of technology. Now, I have learned to keep backups of backups, so that if an important file disappears, I will lose only a little work.

I often forget to trust my other tools as well. These are the ones that I have developed over time through the practice of writing. When I show up at the page on a new project, I have to remind myself that I have these tools in place and that I'm able to do the work.

Now, I have a process to remind myself to use these tool. I waste time on a story and my wife reminds me to "just start writing." I get my ass in the chair, but I have a big red timer to make stay there and write for at least 45 minutes. If that doesn't work, I send myself to a coffee shop and work outside of the house. If I follow these steps enough time, eventually, the pathways finally clear and my tools of writing starting working again.

All tools can be tenuous, but like my backups of backups, it this simple system of process that reminds me to trust the tools I use.

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