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Two choices for change

I've been thinking a lot about change lately, both professionally and personally.

To me change is at the heart of most stories, specifically where the protagonist struggles with change and either must fight for change or struggle against it.

Perfect world

Sometimes in the movies, the world is perfect and our hero has a happy relationship with her spouse and the kids are cute as buttons and she gets a raise to vice-president of sales....

Until an evil poltergeist arrives in her house and she must kill it to save her family

This is an example of change disrupts the natural balance of life and the hero must spend the rest of the film working to restore it.

Situation crappy, don't change

Or there are the stories that start with a character who wants change, but is too scared to take an action because it risks the equilibrium of the world they live in.

Sure, my job sucks and my wife and I fight all the time and my kids hate me. But if I change it, I might end up homeless, lonely, and not a penny to my name!

Then a meteor hurtles towards the earth and the our hero is forced to accept that change is coming whether he likes it or not.

Change is a happening

The last example of change is resistance. Yes, our woman struggles with resistance, but it's external. A resistance to internal change happens in dramas.

This is the way I have always been and no one is going to change me.

The old miser has lived life a certain way for a long time and he sure as hell isn't going to give up his home and adapt to way the world works now.

Change happens

We see this last struggle occur around us often.

The world has grown up in a hurry around us and we can't always stop change in all its creative and destructive ways. New technologies, new diseases, new discoveries, new tragedies. Every day we appreciate the world a little more as someone else tears it apart.

But we can't stop it, whether we want to or not.

What's a hero to do?

When the meteor heads to earth, or the evil ghost tears apart our home—the hero rarely waits too long.

Sure, change is scary and there is resistance and asking friends and families and mentors what they think, but sooner or later, they alone will take the action to save the day.

For them, there is must always be a choice: Do they let this happen or do they do something about it? And whatever the impetus is, how can they be proactive in their choice, and take action?

For them the choice is simple: to move forward they must change the world or change themselves.

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