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Useful Surprises

I brought a book up from my studio called The New Creative Artist by Nita Leland.

My intention was to leaf through it and feed my strong desire to do more visual art. I’ve stepped away from painting because our writing projects take up a lot of my days—which I love. However, there is a part of me that will always be strongly a visual artist.

I’m self-aware enough that I realized I need prompting and I thought this book might do that.

Friday night

This weekend was wickedly cold but I still needed to eat but was too lazy to cook, so I found someone awesome to dine with. While my dinner date waited for me to update my Friday links on the blog, he took a comfortable place on the floor right on top of the register that forced warm air into the room. When it’s this cold, placing your butt on the heat register is the best idea.

I turned to see he had The New Creative Artist in his lap and was slowly leafing through it. I hadn’t even opened it yet. It just sat on the chair but it piqued his curiosity, which actually then hooked mine particularly because he is a non-creative person (self-proclaimed).

He seemed engaged.

I didn’t ask him what he was reading specifically or even why he opened the book but I was curious. I had this little kid moment in my head where I wanted to grab it and say, “gimme that,” but I didn’t. But as soon as I had time alone I greedily opened it.

I’m glad I did.

Buzzing with inspiration

I’m not very far in but have already been hit in the face with a wave of thoughts on creativity.

One thing that really stood out is that whether I am writing, drawing, painting-- whatever, there is something similar in the process of enhancing creativity and growing ideas in all the arts. What I read didn’t just apply to visual art. It also applied to writing. It likely applies to other art forms (dance or music).

I’m going to blog more thoroughly on the steps to creativity according to this book in another post but for now I need to remember to be kind, and patient with myself as well as diligent and persistent.

I need to stay curious to where ideas are, like in a book I’ve had for a few years that I’ve never opened, that I left in the studio, that I brought upstairs, that sat on my chair for too long...

So maybe consider opening a book, an old journal, playing a song you haven’t played in a while and it might just prompt you.

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