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We Are In Chapters Regina

I've been emailing with a nice lady at Chapters Indigo, Regina about a book signing for Shepherd's Watch in the new year. That's our second book by the way. I asked when we could expect Along Comes a Wolfe on the shelves. She kindly let me know that they had arrived.


Last night I had some shopping to do and made Chapters part of my errands. What can I say, I was curious.

Yup. According to the in store search it looks like it's in.

Then I wandered around the store trying to find our book. I went to Fiction. I went to Mystery. I started doubting my ability to alphabetize.

And, finally I found it.
In the New & Hot Fiction display.

You see, it's not just a book in a sea of books in a book store, although I would be okay with that. But this is way better.

It has wiggled its way onto a pay attention to me table.

This smile is not fake. I am thrilled.

I think one of the things that makes me giddy is that our book is on the same table with these established authors. This. Is. Awesome.

I want to apologize to those writers I did not list.

There was no huge sis-boom-bah in this experience but I was bursting with joy when I saw the stack of Along Comes a Wolfe sitting there.

Bursting. With. Joy.

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