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We Deserve Fridays

A patch of sun on another gorgeous fall day.


I was going to call this post Formulas for Blogging. But then I thought who the hell wants to read that! Yuck. It either sounds like math or baby food. No thank you to both. But a big 'yes please' to good things we deserve.

Good Things

First good thing: I was paid! After three months! Finally. Teachers around the city are celebrating!

Me: Hi, Dave? Yeah. I'm doing that post after I get back from a visit with a friend.

Next good thing: My friend, Mike, messaged me to see if I was available for a visit. I had time and money. He had a short window between work and picking up his son.

Additional good thing: blogging has changed. On the way there Dave reminded me that the blogging has changed a bit for us with this comment:

Dave: Have fun. Take pictures. Then blog about it.

Me: (inside my head) Whoaa. Followed by Whooooo!

I met Mike at 13th Avenue Coffee House for a drink and a snack. We talked, laughed, mused and solved all sorts of world problems over some beverages.

Creativity is all around

Mike told me about Jacques Brel. I didn't know the name but as soon as he said the song title I knew exactly who he was referring to. We talked about the emotional power of words (in any language). We talked about how music is similar to literature in that way.

"Ne Me Quitte Pas" is written by Jacques Brel and sung here by Edith Piaf. Gorgeous. Ne Me Quitte Pas Enjoy.

It was a short visit but it was one of those moments that had me thinking in a creative way.

Last bunch of good stuff: Good drinks, good friends, good food and good weather make for good moments.

Thanks life. Thanks sunny September 30th. Thanks Mike.

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