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We want the same thing

Michael Kaeshammer

Michael Kaeshammer is a Canadian jazz and boogie-woogie pianist, vocalist, composer, arranger and producer. He has won two Juno Awards and has been nominated for seven. Impressive!

A couple Saturdays ago, I was comped a ticket to see him. I’d never heard of him but by the end of the performance I loved his obvious zest for life and his music. And of course, so much of what he believes and the way he performs related to my craft too.

The more I do what I love, the more I see the world connect to it.

What he wants

"His performances are an invitation to join the party."

The person who introduced me to him said, "At his shows you are all in it together—not only part of the story, but virtually part of the band. A night with this guy isn’t just to be entertained but to be included in the experience of the performance."

He went on to quote Michael, “It’s all about drawing the audience in. That’s where the joy is, pure and simple.”

What I want

The words "isn't just to be entertained but to be included in the experience..." really made sense to me. I felt a solid YES! That is what I want too. I want people to read what I write and not just be entertained but be included in the experience.

Again the metaphorical bell tolled—it is totally about drawing the audience in when I tell a story. If it wasn't about you, the readers, I would have stayed with writing in my journals and leaving them in their lonely boxes in my closet.

We all want the same thing

I have an identical desire that Michael Kaeshammer has. I want to draw the audience in, pure and simple. I want people who read the stories I create with Dave to enjoy the ride from cover to cover.

When I get a review that says they couldn’t put the book down or it was exciting or had them on the edge of their seat, I feel I have accomplished my goal as a creative person.

Michael Kaeshammer, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, poets, and photographers all want the same thing.

We all want to draw the audience in and make them feel some, part or all of the experience.

I love when one art speaks to another.

Thank you, Michael.

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