| Angie Counios

We're at it again

Just keep moving forward.


Along Comes a Wolfe is at the printers, turning into a beautiful, revamped, reedited, and re-released version of itself. The makeover is pretty gorgeous.

I'm proud.


Shepherd's Watch is currently in Heather's hands from Your Nickel's Worth Publishing. She will get out her editorial sandpaper and buff our book smooth in the second adventure of Tony Shepherd and Charlie Wolfe.


We're building our story for Book Three. As Dave and I problem solved the plot on Sunday night our visual side came out once again as Dave grabbed some figures from the shelf, each representing people in the book.

There will be no spoilers in this post. So, keep reading.

Two Lego Men, R2D2, the staple remover, and two sumo wrestlers all hold keys to the mystery of Book Three. No, this is not a version of clue. No, no sumo wrestlers were hurt in the making of this plot. And, no, R2D2 does not make an appearance in Book Three. I know, it would be cool if he did.

However, we do like working these moments out in a tangible way. And this is how we do it sometimes.

Stay tuned.

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