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We're on a shelf

On Saturday November 12 at 3:00 pm Bushwakker launched a Writers Corner.

David and I were invited because we are Saskatchewan writers and Along Comes a Wolfe is on the shelf there.

According to Grant from Bushwakker the story goes that he walked by and saw a writer feverishly writing in that corner and said "hey this should be a writer's corner".

And here we are.

Bushwakker is very proudly Saskatchewan. In fact it is "all things Saskatchewan" with an artist wall rotating Saskatchewan artists. The local brewery uses local grains and the music played there is only Saskatchewan musicians. I didn't know that until Saturday. And now there is a part of the pub that is dedicated to writers of our province.

Who knew?

The idea of Writers Corner started in Muenster Saskatchewan at the Muenster Bar and Hotel of all places. There was a writers corner for those writers who would spent time at Saint Peter's Abbey and I guess needed to occassionally have a drink and write. Someone saw this and thought, 'well, hey, that's a good idea.'

I have never been to anything like this but being me I just walked in and found a table with some people, sat down and introduced myself. I knew no one. A woman asked if I was reading. "Sure the hell hope not." I said and laughed nervously.

I didn't read.

I just listened and paid attention as it was the first of any sort of event like this. I took it in.

There was an unveiling. Five authors read from their short stories, poetry, and novels and the Bushwakker's Writers Corner became official with the support of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild

Shout out to Pam McFadyen who is the only Muensterite I know.

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