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What the heck happened to Along Comes a Wolfe?

You may have noticed that although Ang and I say we are writers, we don't seem to be selling any books?

Why is that?

(This is all backstory. If all you came for is info about the book, skip to the next section.)

About a year ago, we self-published our first book, Along Comes a Wolfe. We sold a couple hundred copies and it felt pretty awesome.

But to get there was a lot of work.

First, there was writing it. Anything we had written up to this point had been scripts and a book is 4x as many words, not including the rewriting and editing that we did afterwards.[1]

Second, there was the publishing. After already running the marathon to write and edit the book, then we had to get it e-published on the Apple Store and the Amazon Kindle, which required things like me needing an American tax number if we wanted to get paid. And getting all this sorted out andtrying to hit our deadline that we promised our readers and ourselves was like being in university all again and pulling an all-nighter.

In the end, we did it and we were really proud of the book, but it broke me a little. By the time it was in stores, we should have been promoting the hell out of it—but I was zapped of energy and the book suffered a little.

Also, we realized we were losing money. After the cost of printing the books, getting them shipped here, and trying to offer a reasonable price to our readers, we were barely breaking even.

Yet, I didn't figure any of this out until the start of this year while I was sitting in the Saskatchewan Arts Board Arts Entrepreneurship and Business Development Course. I realized I was struggling and even worse, we were barely doing anything that we had set out to do.

When Ang and I moved to writing novels, we wanted only one thing: Write for an audience of readers.

Although we loved the idea of self-publishing, we were no longer focused on our #1 goal. Things needed to change.

We searched for solutions. We looked at publishers, self-publishing houses that would do the work for us, and nothing really pleased us.

Then we met Heather from Your Nickel's Worth publishing and we knew we had found our person.

Enough blah-blah-blah, where is the Along Comes a Wolfe?

Once we knew we were working with YNWP, we pulled the book off the shelves. We wanted to do a hard reset on the series, so that the books looked the same, felt the same.

She did a fresh edit of our words, shook us out of some of our bad habits (we tried to keep a few 😬), and did an overhaul on the look of the book, including the cover.

Wait, is this a whole new book?

Not really. If you read the book already, the killer is still the same. But there are story tweaks, some loose ends that were cleaned up and some fresh sentences that were added.

But the overall feel of the book has been improved. The inside layout looks fantastic and the cover really has become more menacing.

If you read the book and want others to read it, this is a fantastic version to share. Buy one for a friend and one for yourself to complete your Counios and Gane collection. If you had considered buying a copy and waited, now is your chance to be cool like the rest of our readers.

Last time I wanted to buy it but couldn't find it anywhere

I know, we sort of dropped the ball the first time but not anymore!

All our books will be available in stores around Saskatchewan, including Chapters and McNally Robinson. And most importantly, if it's not in a store near you, ask them to order it, because it will be listed for purchase!

You can also order it through our website, as well as YNWP, and available online at iTunes, Amazon, and Kobo. As we continue to get the word out, we'll keep you updated.

Can you show us what you are so excited about?


And here is the first chapter...

So, when does the book come out?

Well, we hit the publish button yesterday and we expect to have hard copies in our greedy little hands by October 31.

And we plan to promote the heck out of this one, including book signings, book and comic conventions, and a whole lot more.

Wait, did you say something about this being a part of a series?

Yes. In fact, Book 2, called Shepherd's Watch, is written and now in the early stages of being edited. We are hoping for a December release[2].

We'll talk more all our books over the next several weeks (I'm sure of it), so I'll leave our discussion here for now.

Thank you for your continued support of Counios and Gane. Stay safe and have a good day.

  1. And although we don't talk about it much, this wasn't our first idea. There was one before ACAW that was developed but we abandoned because it was too dark and depressing. ↩︎

  2. We were hoping for November, but Ang and I kept overthinking decisions on ACAW, keeping Heather away from SW. ↩︎

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